The Swedish calendar food - cook book coming very soon!

Posted by Andrea Posteby-Mach on

Den svenska kalender maten - once a year, on a specific day, some dishes receive special attention. Here we have put together a cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes for all the 40 typically Swedish dishes that we eat during the year. 

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MySwedish Store has been launched

Posted by Drahomir Posteby-Mach on

We are more than happy to announce that our online store has been launched in October 2020. We have started with a one e-book in the store Speak Swedish like a native and planning to add three more e-books during the upcoming months.  Our plan is to provide all of you studying Swedish with study materials that are easy to follow and understandable. These are not traditional books that you would find in your local library. These are a collection of the most useful phrases in daily situations. We strongly believe that this is the right way to study and to...

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